2021 Out Astronaut Phase-1 Contest Finalists

Please Help Us Select a 2021 Phase One ‘Out Astronaut’ Contest Finalist!

It is important that our contestant’s stories are shared broadly in order to provide positive representation to our next LGBTQ-identified STEM professionals, so we ask your help in evaluating and sharing their stories! Your inputs will help our technical assessment process. We ask you objectively consider the following topics when voting for a candidate:


  1. The impact and the novelty of the candidate’s proposed scientific experiment.
  2. The candidate’s ability to inspire and empower LGBTQ-identified people
  3. The feasibility and impact of the candidate’s social impact plan
  4. The feasibility of a successful outcome of the candidate’s proposed scientific experiment.


We want to know what submission you feel contributes the most to LGBTQ representation in STEM and space exploration!


Voting will be active from 0800 ET on 23 February to 2359 on 22 March, 2021.