The Out Astronaut Project upholds the following standards with regards to the rights of our applicants.

This bill of rights has been adopted from the Pride Foundation scholarship program.


  1. Have a clear deadline for submitting applications.
  2. Have clear and accurate descriptions of our eligibility requirements and selection criteria for all available grants.



  1. All information given to Out Astronaut Project by applicants will be considered confidential and private information EXCEPT the contest submission materials including written, photos, and videos supporting the Out Astronaut Contest. Out Astronaut Project will work to protect information provided through separate communications and this information will only be shared only with our partner institutions and will not be shared publicly without your permission.
  2. Applicants’ information including the scholarship application will be shared Out Astronaut Project staff members and those persons who are volunteer interviewers for our organization as part of the scholarship evaluation and interview process. Interviewers are required to sign a confidentiality non-disclosure agreement.
  3. Applicants should be aware that every effort will be made to maintain confidentiality; however, the Out Astronaut Project may be obligated as mandated reporters to disclose information to law enforcement or other agencies as required by law of a) any suspicion of child abuse or neglect for applicants under 18; b) any suspicion of abuse or neglect for applicants who are 65+/senior citizens/elderly; and/or c) any suspicion of abuse or neglect for applicants who are disabled.



Be treated respectfully in all interactions you have with our staff and volunteers, including being addressed using your preferred name and correct gender pronouns. All staff, volunteers, and Board members are required to follow a code of conduct while involved with the Out Astronaut Project. Any type of harassment (sexual, physical or mental) by any staff or volunteer towards an applicant is prohibited. If you feel you have experienced disrespect or harassment, you have the right to report it to the Out Astronaut Project staff, and/or any other authority figures you deem appropriate. Any report of harassment will have no impact on your scholarship application or its status.



You will only be contacted by Out Astronaut Project staff during the application review cycle by email, phone, text, or by mailing address. You will not receive direct contact from volunteers without your express permission. If any volunteer does contact you directly (outside an interview) without your permission via email, social media, text, phone, or mail, you have the right to report it to the Out Astronaut Project staff. Any contact report will have no impact on your application or its status.


As an Out Astronaut Project Applicant, it is your responsibility to:

  1. Be authentic, truthful, and as accurate as possible in your application.
  2. Complete the entire scholarship application accurately, and submit your materials to the Out Astronaut Project by the appropriate deadline.
  3. Respond quickly to any requests for additional documentation or materials.
  4. Notify the Out Astronaut Project if there is a change in any of the information in your application.