To our LGBTQ+ community,


I wanted to check in with how everyone is faring in these chaotic times, and to encourage you to continue caring for yourselves and one another. The world is in a solemn state right now for strangers, loved ones, and your own well-being. For many members of our community, especially LGTBQ+ youths, school, housing, and employment have been destabilized, forcing some back into unsupportive or unsafe environments for the sake of survival.


During isolating times like this, sticking together remotely through online support is more essential than ever, because no one deserves to be left alone. I want to do everything in my power to help, so please, reach out to me and members of Out Astronaut if you need someone to talk to. We may not have all the answers, but with a well-connected network of members across the country, we may be able to help refer you to nearby resources available to you for whatever challenges you are currently facing.


Here is a list of resources that we have collected, and I encourage you to reach out to us with your own suggestions so we can expand our impact even further at


Each and every one of you matters so much to me. Everyone needs help sometimes. Please remember you are not a burden to me or to your community. Together we cannot fall, so if you are able, please be a kind hand in someone’s life. It really makes all the difference. Do not hesitate to reach out to me at


Shannon Gatta, 2019 Out Astronaut Candidate