2019 Out Astronaut Phase-1 Contest Finalists

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Stay posted for the 2020 Out Astronaut Phase One competition – submissions will be accepted starting on 12 April 2020. Your votes, combined with our technical assessments of our contestants experiments and their potential to inspire and empower the LGBTQ community will decide the winner. Here is your opportunity to vote on what submission you feel contributes the most to LGBTQ representation in STEM and space exploration!
Total votes for the Contest "2019 Out Astronaut Contest - Phase One" : 18836

The Case For The Space Toilet

Objective: The concept of the “bathroom” in space has typically been approached with only the most fundamental and queasy human requirements in mind, resulting in unpleasant, uninspiring, or even brutal areas to perform tasks

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Improving spacecraft heat pipes and other capillarity-driven flows with triangular features

In a microgravity environment, capillary forces dominate the behavior of liquids. I have experience conducting capillary action experiments using 2 seconds of microgravity in a drop tower. However, in

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Testing the WaferSat Propulsion System in a Microgravity Environment

Most satellites are large and costly, making space agencies very selective about which missions they approve for launch. This changed with the CubeSat, but a price tag of a couple million

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Dark matter or nah? 

The Advanced Thin Ionization Calorimeter (ATIC) is a long-duration balloon-borne instrument that flew in the stratosphere to measure the energy and composition of cosmic rays. In 2008, scientists published the finding of a surplus of high

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Gravity Effect on Impact Physics with Applications of Projectile Motion

Following the laws of inertia, objects are moving continuously in a straight line in their momentary direction of motion if no resistance hinders them. The objects react solely to the

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Determining Suitability of 3D-Printing Polymers for Space Via Stratospheric Balloon Flight

Additive manufacturing (3D printing) uses computer control to make precise 3-dimensional objects. In 2016, Made In Space Inc. contracted with NASA to launch the Additive Manufacturing Facility (AMF), a

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Characterization of Microbial Communities

Characterization of microbial communities has blossomed in recent decades at pace with cost-effective analytical tools for its study and with implications for public health and global geochemical cycling of essential nutrients. Several studies of microbiomes of

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