Out Astronaut Project Partner Institutions

International Institute for Astronautical Sciences

The International Institute of Astronautical Sciences was established in 2012 and has provided instruction from graduates from 41 different countries, many of whom continue to support citizen-science research through Project PoSSUM and Project OTTER.

Stardom Space

Stardom Space invites people of all walks of life to light the world on fire with their passion for space and science. Through a broadening of scientific literacy and space advocacy, Stardom serves to help us become a multi-planetary species and fundamentally change the way humanity looks at the cosmos and ourselves.

Project PoSSUM

PoSSUM, an acronym for Polar Suborbital Science in the Upper Mesosphere, is a 501(c)3 suborbital research and education program that evolved from a NASA-supported flight opportunity, now using citizen-science astronautics to study our global climate through the ongoing observation of its most sensitive environment: the upper-atmosphere.

Out Astronaut Project Education and Public Outreach Partners


Since 1983, NOGLSTP has served to empower LGBTQ individuals in STEM fields by providing education, advocacy, professional development, networking, and peer support.


oSTEM empowers LGBTQ people in STEM to succeed personally, academically, and professionally by cultivating environments and communities that nurture innovation, leadership, and advocacy.


Pride in STEM is a charitable trust for LGBT+ in Science, Engineering, Tech, and Math

PoSSUM13 Logo

The PoSSUM 13 serves to inspire and enable young women to be involved in science and space. Comprised of 13 members elected each year, the name pays tribute to the Mercury 13.

Queer in STEM

A nationwide study of sexual and gender diversity in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics careers.


500 Queer Scientists is a visibility campaign for LGBTQ+ people and their allies working in STEM and STEM-supporting jobs — a group that collectively represents a powerful force of scientific progress and discovery. Our goals are: to ensure the next STEM generation has LGBTQ+ role models; help the current generation recognize they’re not alone; create opportunities for community connections and greater visibility within STEM.