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Register to win the opportunity to train as a scientist-astronaut candidate with Project PoSSUM and the International Institute of Astronautical Sciences while advocating for science education within the LGBTQ community.

You may enter your application anytime before the contest deadline; however, it is recommended to submit your application by 15 July since the voting period will be enabled then. To submit your application, please enter the following information below:


  1. Your name
  2. Your email, nationality, address, phone number, and preferred pronouns
  3. A written summary of why you want to apply to be an LGBTQ scientist-astronaut (of less than 2000 characters)
  4. A good photo of you in action
  5. A video of 3-5 minute duration showing your interests and expertise in science, space, and LGBTQ equality.


Allowed File Types : jpg,-tiff,-png Allowed File Size Limit : 100MB